Our Promise To You and Your Commitment To Us

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Instant Setup & Web Admin

  • Our clients enjoy a quick and instant setup.
  • Our clients enjoy ALL Codecs / Formats Included
  • Our clients enjoy a simple and thorough Web Admin to administer their Ventrilo Server.
  • No Bandwith Limit - Premium Servers - 100 mb Linux Network

Month to Month Paypal Payments and Recurring Credit Card Billing

  • When you make a one time payment using PayPal, your service is billed on a month to month basis.
  • When you pay via a PayPal subscription, you create a recurring billing subscription. PayPal will pay us each month until you log into PayPal and cancel the subscription.
  • When you pay via a credit card, you create a recurring billing subscription. Your credit card will be billed automatically each month.
  • Credit Card payments are paid automatically and charged one day before you are due in order to notify you if the payment is not successful.
  • To cancel the recurring credit card payments, simply remove your credit card from the billing area. This must be done before your service is due.

24 Hour Support

  • Our clients receive instant ventrilo server related help nearly 24 hours a day.
  • Our clients can reach us by phone at 1-618-207-3806

Up Time - Service Online - Maintenance

  • We take pride in our servers being online 24 hours a day.
  • Our clients enjoy 99 percent uptime and service online.
  • Clients are notified one week prior to scheduled Datacenter maintenance. Emergency datacenter maintenance can occur anytime. If this happens, our clients are notified immediately.

Service Cancellations

  • Accounts that are not paid will be cancelled automatically when overdue.
  • You can cancel your service within the Payment Center.
  • You can cancel your service within the Web Admin.
  • Paypal subscribers can login to Paypal and cancel their subscription at any time. Once cancelled the server will expire 30 days from their last prepayment.
  • You must be logged in the website to cancel your service as it cannot be done over the phone or via email. - View Video

15 Day Money Back Guarantee and Refunds

  • If you are not a 100 percent satisfied with our services within the first fifteen days of your first payment, and the service is a 50 person server or less on a monthly subscription, we will refund your money, no questions asked.
  • Requesting a refund is done by opening a support ticket.
  • You can also call the office at 1-618-207-3806 and request a refund, during normal banker hours, only after you have created a support ticket.
  • We do not refund unused time so please cancel the service before you are due and billed.
  • We do not refund any monies on credit. All credits must be used within the Clanwarz network. No exceptions.
  • If you are unsure about the service you need, ask first.

Internet Functionality

  • It is impossible for the entire worldwide web to be 100 percent functional.
  • We are connected via the internet so downtime should be expected, at any given time, anywhere. This is very rare!
  • All locations are researched thoroughly to ensure that you are connected to the very best money can buy!
  • Order With Confidence

Level 3 Network

We take pride in being the Number One Ventrilo Provider in the world. All servers are connected to a 100o mbs ports running on the best backbones in the world. All servers are Quad Core with 8 gigs of ram running on Linux Operating Systems which ensure you the very best and smoothest ventrilo experience. Join our test servers today and see for yourself why we are the Number One Host Worldwide!

Private Policy

The security of the information that you provide www.ventriloservers.biz is very important to us. We use SSL encryption software to protect your data. We will never release freely or sell any information gathered on www.ventriloservers.biz.

Your Connection To This Website Is Encryted and Your Information Is Protected.
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