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Let Ventrilo Servers sponsor your next Lan Party!

In two easy steps, you can receive an VOIP Sponsorship for your next LAN event. Ventrilo Servers provides servers and 50 percent discounts for any Ventrilo Servers Services to all attending members. In each case, you will be required to provide digital pictures of the event within two weeks of the end of the event. Ventrilo Servers will only sponsor events with greater than 50 attendees.

Click on the banner link below to download one of our Ventrilo Servers banners to post on your gaming or event site one month before your LAN party.

Ventrilo Servers Banners

Let Ventrilo Servers sponsor your Gaming Organization!

We take sponsorship seriously, and so should you! If you feel you and your organization has what is takes to receive a ventrilo sponsorship, then let us know by submitting your information below.

Good Luck!

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Current Sponsored Organizations

PMS-H20 (Premier Sponsorship) 6000 Members

Exile Computer Gaming -586 Days left 75 Members

Organizations Awaiting Sponsorship

DCovert Computers 14 Votes 20 Members

energiE5 E-Sports 11 Votes 54 Members

RiM-Gaming 9 Votes 35 Members

MagikLabs 9 Votes 5.000 Members

Northern Grade 9 Votes 50 Members

Synthetik Gaming 8 Votes 50 Members