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Custom Ventrilo Hostname IP's Are Now Free - Register Your Cool Name Today

Ventrilo Servers

Would you like a custom domain name for your ventrilo server?

Creating a custom hostname for your ventrilo server makes the server address easy to remember. We have the following Domain Names available for you to choose when you order your next ventrilo server:


We are always on the hunt for very cool domain names and have secured the sale of and These domain names will become available for you to use this June. You can easily secure your very cool name by ordering now if you are a new client or by opening a support ticket if you are an existing client.

If you would like to purchase your own domain name, you can. Simply click here to register your own domain name and you will be able to create as many cool names as you like within your Control Panel.

Beware of the sudden need to create a website once you have a domain name. When this happens you will be able to host your website right here while taking advantage of over 100 automated website installation modules we offer with your website suite.

Just remember domain names can take up to 24 hours to work throughout the world but normally resolve within 5 minutes when first created.

Enjoy your Instant Ventrilo Server with Your Custom Hostname Today.

The Ventrilo Servers Guarantee

All Ventrilo Servers come equipped with our custom Control Panel enabling you to control your Ventrilo Server from your PC, Tablet or Cell Phone.

Your Ventrilo Server will be instantly activated with a Custom Hostname of Your Choice. You will be able to edit this custom ventrilo hostname at anytime, instantly and without staff intervention. Please test our Ventrilo Server Locations before you order.

Since all of our Web Services and Control Panels are Hosted At Amazon Web Services, we are fully protected by their Firewall so your Control Panel will always be online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Every Ventrilo Server comes with a Money Back Guarantee so please order with confidence.

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