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  Control Your Ventrilo Server With Two Control Panels

Ventrilo - Teamspeak 3

"Control, Clarity, Low Pings"

Enjoy Free Custom Hostnames And 2 Great Control Panels

So you bought yourself a Ventrilo Server so you and your friends and family can converse while gaming. Congratulations! By now you probably figured out that all the management of your server can be easily done via our Custom Control Panel, right on this website.

Well that is just the beginning of the control we give you over your server. You can change your Custom Hostname instantly, at anytime, and without opening a support request or staff intervention. There are 8 ventrilo domains from which you can choose and use while you are a client of

Besides our automated backups that occur 6 times daily, you can restore your server at anytime and without staff intervention.

We also have TCAdmin Version II Control Panel ready for you to use. Our version is heavily modified with scripts, file manager, backup and restore features, live stats and graphs, reinstall features and scripted restart functions.

For those of you that are used to the TCAdmin styled version of Control Panels, you also have By renting our control panel, you can gain all of the following benefits without sacrificing your player slots:

With our control panel, you can edit every aspect of your Ventrilo Server efficiently.