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  • Jennifer Payne

    "inquired a couple days ago about a way to allow friends to help me with payments and was assisted with changing to the newer service that allows clanpay. ty so much!"

  • "First off I like to thank Jay and VentriloServers for providing my channel the ability for me to further interact with my viewers. Makes playing games and viewing my channel more enjoyable. Very user friendly as well as their customer support is phenomenal. I love using Ventrilo as it makes life easier and I can't imagine my channel without it <3"

  • Tyler Morgan (StuckPixel Studio)

    "WOOP! There it is! This was, is and will be the very best Ventrilo Server Company In The World!"

  • Jay Vasallo (

    "Love this company! Always thinking of ways to automate our ventrilo admin functions which gives us more time to game!"

  • jeff owens

    "Thanks to Lisa for helping with billing issues and getting me setup with the new model!!!! Great service and a very friendly encounter!!!"

  • Lao Yang

    "great customer service. Asked to change server, and it was changed within minutes. Couldn't be happier with service, and plan to keep with ventrilo service because of this."

  • Ryszard Kozlowski

    "Thanks for ur live chat support - i got what i was requested in proffessional way in less then a minute. Thanks again - hope to not to bother You again to often :)"

  • Gustavo Domecq (Gods of War)

    "Unbelievable service!!! The tech was perfectly helpful....if I can score the service more then a five I would....thanks ventrilo!!"

  • Michelle Lutrzykowski

    "Freaking amazing! We've been around for a long time and had an old vent server. Thanks so much for your help. The new control panel is amazing! I'm looking forward to working with it, using banners, and tracking activity. Great job! I'll most definately recommend to all the guilds we know. "

  • Michael Hambrick (A.C.E.S.)

    "Jay's the best. I've been a client (50 seat vent server) for over 5 years now and I've never had a technical problem. We had one minor issue when we changed servers recently, but that was handled in a matter of a couple minutes via a phone call. Speedy customer service. Jay goes the extra mile for you.

    Fqhwhgads - 80 Dranei Shaman - You Are So Dead on Kael'Thas"

  • Christa Lundström

    "Awesome job, way much faster and effective than i expected....big thanks!!! Job well done! :)"

  • Curtis Reynolds

    "The agent that was helping went above and beyond. I was very impressed with the knowledge and I feel very confident in my choice to go with ventrilo"

  • Hoai Dang (Clan)

    "I normally dont give 5 star, but this site are awesome staff are very friendly and will help you the best they can, and the Ventrilo servers are very reasonable price, i got no delay or lag or any problem while i been using Ventrillo, all my clan like it, thank you for all provide us a wonderful servers. A++++"

  • Carl Cote

    "Nice Server but needs just a little more work to make it even better, Oh I have windows 7 and the Vent has a Female Voice Nice I like it,
    Thank You for your Server its a little better then the last one that I had."

  • Joe Grover

    "I've been using VentriloServers for several years now, and have been 100% satisfied with the level of service and support I've received. Our guild has not had any problems with downtime, server crashes or performance since going active back in 2009 (our previous host was constantly going down in the middle of raids). Our support needs have been minimal, but any questions or concerns we've had were addressed promptly and to our satisfaction. I look forward to sticking around a lot longer. Thanks!"

  • Sofia Victoria Velasco Martinez

    "Me ha ayudado mucho a reconfigurar mi ventrilo, que ando muy perdida. Lo ha configurado para mac y windows. Muchas gracias por la ayuda!"

  • Francisco Romera

    "Love Ventrilo Servers."

  • Ricardo Campanico

    "Thanks to Lisa for helping with billing issues and getting me setup with the new model! Great service and a very friendly encounter!!"

  • dewayne worley (dog)

    "wow is all I can say I was have trouble placing my order put in a ticket and with in 5 minutes received a call from the site and they not only helped me get my payment in but helped me set up my vent"

  • Tommy Hellfors

    "I'd like to thank you for a great service!"

  • David Grüning

    "I got answer on everything I asked for. Great to see that not every firm has person who have to act like "bots". Made if feel like a real conversation, that the person have the possibility to talk with real personality."

  • David Grüning

    "I got answer on everything I asked for. Great to see that not every firm has person who have to act like "bots". Made if feel like a real conversation, that the person have the possibility to talk with real personality."

  • Ignacio Gonzalez

    "Quick response, and friendly. Really appreciated the speed at which they took care of my needs. Thanks!"

  • Rebecca Ramirez

    "All I have to say is this - Jay you rock! Well I guess I can say more. I am not a techy person by far, but I love to play games. I wanted this ventrilo server so I could communicate with my fellow gaming friends. I called the office and spoke with Jay. He took over my computer and gave me the grand tour. I did not know this could be done and watched with amazement. I learned quite a bit in five minutes as Jay had me do the clicky click! I am very happy I came here as no other company would answer their phone and help a gaming mom like me. So again I say - Jay, you rock!"

  • Yulia Akhlebinina

    "Excellent so I give them 5 stars!"

  • Sam Dixon

    "Excellent, to the point, service.
    He clearly understood what I was asking and what information he needed to get from me to solve the query.
    Swift responses.
    Thank you, very happy =)"

  • Takki Yildiz

    "Will pickup service when I see more activity with my friends gaming. Thank you, you guys rock!"

  • John Herrity

    "Staff is very prompt and professional!"

  • Alex Kapustin

    "Problem was soled. And quick."

  • Aleksandr Lysenkov

    "Long time use this service. All satisfied. Сustomer service is prompt. Very happy!"

  • Stanislav Bastin

    "Jay Vasallo - You Are The Nicest And Best Admin In The Entire World!"

  • PAMELA CHIEPPA (Art of War)

    "In 4 years, we have only a couple of issues and they have been taken care of promptly and professionally!  Thanks for watching out for all us gamers! "

  • Juan Castrillo

    "Quickly answered and solved my problem. A+++"

  • Keoki Wing

    "Service has been fantastic but my guild fell apart. Thanks for the enjoyable experience!"

  • Olga Khludova

    "A member of the team has rightly understood my problem and quickly decided. Thank you!"

  • Ginny Wood

    "Instant Ventrilo Servers is my only choice for Ventrilo. I know there are other companies that are just as good, but I will stay with Ventrilo Servers for as long as I am gaming. support is top notch. They will even call you back if you request so in a ticket and if you are on Live Chat, they will call you immediately. has the very best control panel. It is super quick and has everything plus some, on a neatly tabbed one page admin system. No one else has this in the world, period.

    5 Thumbs Up For"

  • Erin Dalton

    "I have been a customer with since about 2005-ish, with a decently populated server, and have never had a bad experience.  The up-time/quality on the server is fantastic &  their customer service is top-notch! These guys have very quick response time and deliver above and beyond your expectations.  Pretty sure they don't sleep :)  Would highly recommend!!!"

  • Hilde Aasheim Gjersvik

    "wanted to get full control over my old ventrilo server after my ex took it over, instead got a new one. Happy with it ;)"

  • Andrew Mcrae

    "Jay was phenomenal on helping me get everything set. My card was set as a fake (maybe because of my military address) and Jay had nearly instantly found out through his skills and expertise that I was military and that I was not a fake. He kept me informed on what was going on and made sure that I was able to get into things although my account was still titled "Fraud". Am really looking forward to the future with this VENT hosting provider and will more than likely upgrade in the near future."

  • virgilio lorenzo garcia (legends)

    "Excellent as always"

  • Jaci Smith

    "The service was excallent.the remote controll access is wonder ful.evrything was taken care of and i have absolutly no complaints.thank you very much"

  • GayLynn Reynolds

    "Jay completely set up my Vent the way it was before, after I stupidly didn't pay attention to my e-mail. Thank you Jay!"

  • Fabricius Biber

    "My billing issues got quickly and efficiently dealt with!"

  • Ryan Belonga

    "Today was a prime example of why I'm with VentriloServers.  I hit live chat with a login issue and in less than 20 minutes my team is up and running and the tech was more than happy to explain the issue and correct it.  I'm so happy I'm upgrading to 25 slots"

  • Quincy Robinson

    "The Support Staff here is fantastic. They joined my server and did not leave until I was completely happy. This is why the Air Force and I always chooses"

  • Radu Claudiu

    "Everything went great and my service is back up and running. Thank You Ventrilo Servers for your fast help."

  • Guillaume david-cyr

    "Awsome guy, even called me to make sure everything was allright and showed new feature thanks!!"

  • Kristin Rice

    "My ticket was answered within in a few minutes of being submitted and I was able to pay my invoice. Great service!"

  • "Regarding Ticket #752364 Changing payment option - Excellent service - quick response time, quick resolve time and very good communication!"

  • "Jay spent a lot of time here with me and he did an excellent job walking me through this set up. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help. Thank you very much."

  • Alejandro Yrezabal

    "I have been with this web a lot of years using a ventrilo. I can only say that i never change for other. "

  • Emilio Lona

    "Excellent and fast Service, love it!"

  • Stephen McCarten

    "Got me running thanks so much."

  • "Very Helpful!"

  • Dennis Emery

    "Excellent help! Very much appreciated!"

  • Murray Cameron

    "Most helpful..pleasure doing business....awesome."

  • Louis Schiller

    "I've never have had an issue - always works good. Nice new tools."

  • Tonny Busted

    "Service with a smile - very good!"

  • Adam MacDonald

    "quick and nice, just like i like it!"

  • jacob rhodes

    "Awesome job on making this control panel so very easy to use! "

  • Deborah Hamilton

    "Jay I want to thank you for going out of your way last night in all ways. You went above and beyond for me and I am so grateful.

    Thank You So Much!"

  • Andrew Matsuura

    "Quick response and helped right away with my problem."

  • Misty Dean

    "He was super helpful and even called me a few times to make sure I was doing OK with the installation process.   "

  • melanie revell

    "Great service and prompt! Very Quick To Respond and my issues were resolved quickly! Thank you so very very much!"

  • Youssef Badawy (InfamousGods)


  • Orlando Gutierrez

    "The service has always been great, love what you guys did with the new control panel and site."

  • Jason Hicks

    "In a nut shell... could not have been more professional or helpful. Awesome experience!"

  • Kevin Oleary (Household Services)

    "I was having problems logging in. I then went to the online support. I received FREE remote support with Jay Vasallo and he was great!!!!

    He set me up, walked me through it, and took good care of us.

    Fantastic so far!!

    Thanks Jay"

  • Patrik Willberg

    "i have had a ventrilo server for a long time and I probably always will have one.

    A HUGE thanks to Every time I needed them they have came to my rescue and it's usually because I have messed something up. Just ask and you will receive help!

    I highly recommend ventrilo. It's one of the oldest live chat programs and I know as I have been using it for nearly 12 years now. I have my ventrilo server with for almost 7 years. It enables me to talk to my mates and family anytime I want.

    A BIG thanks for all has done for me over the years!


  • Colleen Power

    "This is the best server ever and I love you all.  You do amazing things for your customers and this is why i will never leave you!"

  • Ashlei Kosch

    "The services VentriloServers has provided me over the last year have been invaluable to my gaming experience. Setup was easy and I really didn't have any negative experiences at all. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!"

  • michael soteres

    "They are fantastic!"

  • Steven Coyle

    "Jay was outstanding and got me all setup and answered all of my questions!"

  • Heidi Anne Thompson

    "hi there was frustrated could not figure out how to pay my bill for the month only instead of the 3 in  advance so i went on line and spoke to Miss Lisa through the online chat lisa is amazing...She could not assist me with the payment but she got a hold of a young man JAY that could :) wow what great customer service !!!  JAY you rock that was so fast ty so much for assisting me to pay my bill woot :))))) i JUST WANTED TO LET YOUR SUPERVISORS KNOW YOU BOTH WENT above and beyond for me ,lil ol me and ya don't even know me So THANK YOU !! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY :)  hugs"

  • Manuel Pérez González

    "Por problemas con nuestra cuenta de correo y de nuestra tarjeta de credito la cuenta fue cancelada. Gracias a Jay todo se pudo arreglar de forma satisfactoria,  recibiendo un servicio excelente de alta calidad. La novedad de haber introducido Skype para contactar con el equipo de Ventrilo es extraordinaria. Muchisimas gracias por vuestra ayuda."

  • Jannick Barrett Regnarsen

    "The webpage is a bit confusing for a newbie, but the tech support was really helpful and got me up and running in no time!
    I will recommend this service to others, who might need it."

  • Rodrigo Amaral (Cs 1.6)

    "Fantastic !"

  • Andrew Bassile

    "Great servers and everything good job guys."

  • Herbert Hatch

    "The company rep was very very good. Everything was explained in great detail and I absolutely loved it."

  • Miguel Garcia Castillejo


  • Paul Heenan

    "i have to say, after not been able to get into my ventrilo, the assistance i was given was second to none, if only all companies had a customer support that good, 11 out of 10 from me, keep up the great work"

  • Michelle Lafleur

    "So very helpful and im very impressed. Keep up the awesome help :)"

  • Gretchen Padgett

    "Jay is awesome. "

  • Tim Obiefule

    "Very fast response, knowledgeable, honest. Thank you!"

  • Jian Zhu

    "Nice and fast."

  • Marvin Griffin

    "Love it."

  • eric mowrey (ca picard)

    "Awesome jobs. Thank You."

  • Federico Nogueiras

    "Really good service"

  • petros christodoulou (PC)

    "Really helpful. The best online support i had on this web site so far!"

  • Юрий Уколов

    "Очень быстро и оперативно решили проблему. Поддержка работает как полагается. Огромное им спасибо."

  • Николай Максимов

    "Отличная программа для голосового общения . Очень качественная связь."

  • Kirill Kuzmin (Night Knights)

    "Nice -working support! "

  • Annmarie Setti

    "Excellent and helpful as always!"

  • Jannick Depoilly

    "Nothing bad to say - just dont need it anymore"

  • Damon Watson

    "Ventrilo is a much better system then Teamspeak 3."

  • Iain Neely (Nunya)

    "Great service. Fast Reliable."

  • Samantha Moser

    "Guys are amazing easy interface love it!!!"

  • Wesley Kao

    "The service was really good my personal timing in buying it was just bad. This is definitely the place I would come back to, to buy another ventrilo server. "

  • Cristobal Serrano

    "I have been using the service for 8 years and been very satisfied with the service. Now that i have purchased my personal server i was amazed at the ease of setting it up. I should have done it along time ago. TY so much."

  • sergiy ptushko

    "Great Support and Friendly Staff Members."

  • J Fok

    "Excellent Server and fast and friendly support. This is what makes me happy."

  • Enrique Ramon

    "The very best"

  • David Escudero

    "Usually it was a good service"

  • scottie heard

    "I really like that I could talk to friends will play wow when we were at different places."

  • Sandra Hern

    "Service Support has been fast managing my issues."

  • Ana Maria Romero Puerto

    "Wonderful .. completely wonderful!"