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How to Register users with the User Editor in Your Ventrilo Server

Adding Registered Users to Your Ventrilo Server with the User Editor.

Registering users on your server gives added security to your server as each user will receive their own password. Take the time to create a set of profiles with different levels of adminship so when you add users, you can assign the user a pre-made profile matching the level of adminship which you would like to delegate to that specific user.

  • To register a user, you must first begin by logging onto your server as an Administrator.
  • Then, right click on your name, scroll down to Server Admin and select User Editor.
  • Under the profiles drop down, select the desired profile and load it. This will automatically populate the appropriate rights for your user based off the profile you selected.
  • Once your profile has been loaded, populate the User Name field with the desired Username
  • Give the User his or her desired password, or generate a unique password for them.
  • Give the User a Rank, and Note (i.e aliases or general comments) if desired.
  • Click the Add button to create the account. They will now be able to login using the given Username and Password.
  • Click the Close button to exit the User Editor.

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