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Ventrilo Server Admin Definitions Explained

Ventrilo Servers

Understanding Each Ventrilo Admin Feature You Will See Once Logged In As Admin

Login as the server admin first to access these features.

Admin - Kick

  • Right clicking on a user and choosing the kick option will open a window where you can enter a reason for kicking the user off of the server
  • If you then press the OK button it will send the request to the server which will then disconnect that user
  • This information is logged by the server and includes details like: The user who was kicked, who kicked them, the reason why if one is provided

Admin - Mute

  • Globally mute or un-mute the selected user
  • When globally muted a user will have a G next to their name and they will not be able to transmit any voice, TTS binds, Wave file binds, change their comment or send any Chat messages
  • This can be useful for when you don't need to kick the user off of the server but don't want them to interrupt anything else

Admin - MOTD

  • This option can be selected by anyone. If you are not a server admin it will display the last known Message of the Day when you connected to the server
  • In case you need to see it again but don't want to disconnect and then reconnect
  • If you are logged in as a server admin it will allow you to edit the Message of the Day and send it back to the server so that when a client connects that will be the message they see

Admin - Ban list

  • This option will open a new window which allows you to see who is currently banned from the entire server
  • It will also allow you to add new bans and delete existing ones

Admin - User Editor

  • This will open a new window that allows you to see who is in the User file
  • The User file can be used to reserve login name and their associated passwords
  • It can also be used for restricting who is allowed to transmit in a given channel, as determined by the channel options

Admin Ban

  • The ban option is similar to the kick option except that the users IP address will be recorded in a ban file for future reference if the server is restarted
  • Once in the ban list that IP address will not be allowed to connect to the server

Admin - Un-ban a User

  • Login with server admin password
  • Right click in the Ventrilo window
  • Select Server Admin
  • Select Ban List
  • Select the IP/User you wish to un-ban and click delete

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