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Understanding the Ventrilo Server Channel Admin Features And Definitions

Understanding Each Ventrilo Channel Admin Feature You Will See Once Logged In As Admin

Login as the server admin first to access these features.

Channel Admin - Create / Password

  • When clicked on a channel a dialog box will open where you can enter the channel admin password for the selected channel
  • If the server accepts your password then A will appear next to that channel indicating that you now have channel admin rights for it and all of it's sub-channels
  • If one of it's sub-channels has another admin password then you will still have access rights over it i.e. higher level admin's always have access rights to lower level admin's, but lower level admin's don't have access rights above their current channel
  • If you already have admin rights to the channel then selecting this option will remove your admin rights for the current connection

Channel Admin - Create

  • When clicking on the server title in the user list window the program will create a root channel. Although, only server admins can create root channels
  • When clicking on a channel the program will create a sub-channel inside of it
  • Server admins can do this by default in any channel and channel admins can do this for any channel for which they have logged in with the selected channel's admin password
  • The option will open a new dialog box where you can enter the new channels Display name, phonetic pronunciation name, channel password and the admin password
  • If you do not give it a channel password then the channel is available to anyone unless one of it's parent channels has a password on it
  • Sub-channels of a password protected channel inherit the password of it's parent until it reaches the lobby
  • Thus, if no parent channels have passwords then the new channel will be available to everyone

Channel Admin - Delete

  • When clicking on a channel it will delete the selected channel and all of it's sub-channels if any exist
  • Any users in the selected channel or sub-channels will be automatically moved to the next highest channel or to the lobby as a last resort

Channel Admin - Edit

  • When clicking on a channel it will allow you to selectively change specific portions of a channels details
  • All changes take effect immediately and all clients are informed about the changes
  • This can be useful for when you don't need to kick the user off of the server but don't want them to interrupt anything else

Channel Admin - Kick

  • When clicking on a user, and you have channel admin rights for the channel the selected user is in, then that user will be kicked from the server.

Channel Admin - Info

  • When clicking on a channel it will open a new window and display the current configuration settings for the selected channel, but you will not be able to change of them
  • This option can be selected by anyone even though it appears in the Channel Admin sub-menu

Channel Admin - Ban Add

  • When clicking on a user, and you have channel admin rights for the channel the selected user is in, it will open a new window asking for the reason to ban the user
  • At which point the users IP address will be added to the channel ban list
  • This option is only available to a root level channel admin
  • If you are a sub-channel admin then you will not be able to use this feature

Channel Admin - Ban list

  • When clicking on a channel it will display the current list of IP addresses that have banned from the root level channel
  • Only root level channel admin's can view or edit channel ban lists

Channel Admin - Mute

  • When clicking on a user it will either mute or un-mute the selected user while they are in their current channel
  • Useful for when a channel is configured for MUTED mode and a channel admin wants to un-mute them so that they can talk
  • Can also be used to silence annoying people while they are in a normal channel
  • If a user in a channel is muted an N will appear next their name

Move User To

  • Right click on a user and then selecting this menu option will move that user into any of the available channels or back out to the lobby
  • Very useful for moving people around on game servers if they don't have keys bound to manually move them selves to a different channel

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