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How To Construct Voice Command Targets in Your Ventrilo Server

Adding Ventrilo Channel Phantoms Is Simple - Great For Tier Commanding

Creating Voice/Command Targets

Voice and Command Targets allow you to communicate with selected users regardless of what channel they are in. When you need to create a Ventrilo Voice Command Target, follow these simple steps:

  • Right click in the Ventrilo window
  • Select Server Admin
  • Select User Editor
  • Click the Voice Targets button or the Cmd Targets button
  • Click the New button and enter a name for the new group
  • Add users to the group from the list on the right
  • Give at least one user the ability to transmit over the Voice/Command Target by double-clicking them
  • Click Send to add the Voice/Command Target to the server
  • Click the Close button

Using Voice/Command Targets

  • Right click in the Ventrilo window
  • Select View
  • Select Voice Targets or Command Targets
  • Click the Voice/Command Target to use on the left
  • Speak or Type over the selected Voice/Command Target as desired

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